Update: June 10th, 2011

I have posted a number of 3D Spherical Panoramas on the site, and some of them are collected here:

From: Living in a Soap opera – May 29th, 2010

Victor Rehemyae, (one of our contractors – our IT consultant and photographer), took the opportunity of the brilliant sunshine and a spare half an hour and was able to get some really good snaps of the city center.  He specializes in panoramas and you can see an example of one, that he took last Tuesday.  As well as the fine weather, it shows some of the main sights in the square, (including the burnt out building of the Procurator’s Office), and you can see that people are carrying out their daily lives as normal.


Click here to see it in full screen a new tab/window


From: A view of the Office – May 29th, 2011

Last week, Victor Rehemaye came into the office.  He had some time to spare and decided to snap a couple of panoramas … one outside the front door and the other in the general office.
Here they are:



When I saw them I was quite impressed … and thought to myself that it was a good idea that he had chosen to photograph Alyona at her desk rather than me sitting at mine.  Not only is she photogenic than I am … but that office is so much larger and tidier than mine, (with the piles of paperwork that is regularly scattered across my desk).

Mind you, I did wonder what had happened to everyone else …

From: Skaska – A fairy tale valley -Postcard from Bishkek: – June 8th, 2011:



From: Panoramas of the Naryn Guesthouse – June 6th, 2011:

Here is the outside of the guesthouse:


… and here is the guesthouse at night:




… The entrance hall and stairway, (the picture of the woman in the red dress is a depiction of Kanakei, the wife of Manas, the legendary hero of the Kyrgyz – in Chiy) :




… This is a view of one of the two “Executive” rooms, which have en-suite toilet and shower facilities.  There is also a television with a satellite receiver and video cassette player and two armchairs.  One of the Executive rooms has a double bed, whilst the other has two single beds:



.A “Triple” room, with three single beds:



… The Dining Room where meals are served:




… inside one of the yuts.  These are usually erected in the grounds of the guesthouse in Spring to provide additional accommodation throughout the summer months.  Unlike  in traditional Kyrgyz yurts, we have provided wooden beds instead of asking guests to sleep on mats, on the floor:




From: Djety Oguz – Panorama

Last year I wrote a postcard about Djety Oguz, a valley in the Issyk Kul region, not far from Karakol, which is popular with visitors and has come to be a symbol for the region within Kyrgyzstan … Victor Rehemyae took a number of panoramas in the valley.  Here is one of them, taken from the hillside just across the road from the Seven Bulls formation which gives the valley its name:




From: The Dungan Mosque – Karakol

Here is a 3D spherical panorama of the interior of the mosque … if you scan up and look into the roof rafters you can see some Chinese writing, and this is apparently a list of those who participated in the construction of the mosque.




You can see these and more at


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