Panoramas of the Naryn Guesthouse

June 6th, 2011 Sections: Naryn Guest House

We are often asked by tour operators for photographs of our guesthouse in Naryn  which they can send to their partners abroad.  We are always happy to oblige, of course, but a photograph can only give a partial impression of the building and its surroundings.

When Victor Rehemyae showed us his 3D spherical panoramas, I was impressed as it seemed to me that they helped to give a much impression … including “warts and all”, as Oliver Cromwell is reported to have said to the painter when he sat for his portrait.

So, at the end of last month we decided to take Victor with us on our regular monthly visit to Naryn and he took a number of panoramas … which we have already loaded up to, will load up onto the guesthouse website, (, shortly and which I am happy to present them here.

I hope they give you a good feel for the place.

Here is the outside of the guesthouse:


… and here is the guesthouse at night:




… The entrance hall and stairway, (the picture of the woman in the red dress is a depiction of Kanakei, the wife of Manas, the legendary hero of the Kyrgyz – in Chiy) :




… This is a view of one of the two “Executive” rooms, which have en-suite toilet and shower facilities.  There is also a television with a satellite receiver and video cassette player and two armchairs.  One of the Executive rooms has a double bed, whilst the other has two single beds:



.A “Triple” room, with three single beds:



… The Dining Room where meals are served:




… inside one of the yuts.  These are usually erected in the grounds of the guesthouse in Spring to provide additional accommodation throughout the summer months.  Unlike  in traditional Kyrgyz yurts, we have provided wooden beds instead of asking guests to sleep on mats, on the floor:



Now, the next step is to get some panoramas of the Silk Road Lodge in Bishkek..


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