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On Sunday, at the 38th session of the  Intergovernmental Committee of UNESCO, held in Doha, it was decided to accept a number of historical and cultural sites from around the world into the UNESCO World Heritage List. Among the nominations that were approved was one relating to the Silk Road, making special mention of the […]

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There seems to be a universal fascination with celebrating anniversaries … and no less so here than in the West.  All the same, I was somewhat surprised the other day to see a reference to today as the “Birthday of Blue Jeans“. What started out as heavy duty work clothes have also served as a […]

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  Although holidays are usually thought to be for rest and relaxation – travel can be somewhat stressful. It is sometimes surprising how tiring a journey can be – even just sitting on a plane flying from A to B.  A journey is never a simple thing – there are the pressures of packing, (what to include, what […]

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A couple of weeks ago there was an interesting news report which said that an project established with the aim of helping the development of tourism in Kyrgyzstan had identified the ten most popular sites in the Chui oblast here in Northern Kyrgyzstan. The results were based on requests for information that they had received […]

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Today. 21st March, happens to be World Poetry Day.  The day was inaugurated by UNESCO in 1999 to recognize the  unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirit of the human mind. The Day is also intended to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression and to offer endangered languages the opportunity to be heard within their […]

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Prospect Manas, runs from Jibek Jolu in the North, up to the Railway line in the South.  Further up towards the mountains, the road becomes Prospect Mira  … (Peace Avenue). It used to be known as Belinskaya and is still referred to by this name be many older residents. It was renamed Prospect Manas in […]

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Something unusual happened last May; the Committee on Science, Culture and Sports of the Jogorku Kenesh, (the parliament), passed a resolution. You might think that there’s nothing unusual in that … after all, that’s what parliament’s do.  It’s their job. This one caught my eye, however, because this one concerned marking the 75th anniversary of […]

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Talas is a town in a valley of the same name … and the administrative center of the oblast, which also shares the name. It is cut off from the rest of Kyrgyzstan by the mountain ranges and the “easiest” route is via Kazakhstan – involving the need for a transit visa. It is, however, […]

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In recent weeks, the region known as the Ferghana Valley has been much in the news. For the record: The fertile Feghana Valley is about 300 kilmeters long and 170 kilometers wide and is divided between three neighbouring Central Asian states, (Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan and Kyrgyzstan), and comprises the flood plain of the Syr Darya River, […]

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Today is the International Day of the Mountains, so I thought I would take a brief look at one of the main mountain systems that cross the country – The Pamir Mountains:

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