Myortvoye Ozero – Kyrgyzstan’s Dead Sea

Update: September 5th, 2011

Myortvoye Ozero lies in a hollow, cut off from Issyk Kul by small hills – dusty, rocky, outcrops covered by shrubs.  Standing on these hills you can look one way and see Lake Issyk Kul, turn and face the other direction and there before you lay the Salty Lake.

Issyk Kul derives its name, (“Warm Lake”), from the fact that it never freezes over and one of the reasons for this is that it is a salt water lake.  Although there are over 80 streams and rivers feeding water into the lake, there is no outflow, and evaporation leaves a higher concentration of mineral salts in the water that remains – lowering the freezing point.  The Dead Sea in Israel is also a “salt lake” – with no outlet, but the concentration of mineral salts is such that there are other side effects … perhaps the most famous of which is that increases the buoyancy of the waters so that it is possible for a person to simply float on the waters.

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