Issyk Ata

Update: August 29th, 2011

Saturday saw one of my rare, unfortunately all too rare, trips out of the office into the mountains.

Having taken some of the family up to Issyk Kul, (warm lake), we decided to give the others, especially the youngest (Edic and Alicia), a day out.  This time we didn’t go far, just seventy kilometres outside Bishkek, to the valley of Issyk Ata, (Warm Father) and the Sanatoria that is based at the head of the valley.  As it happens, they have been asking if it is possible to visit the Sanatoria.  It’s a well known spot and a fairly popular outing for people from the city.

The valley is nestled at a height of 1775 meters a.s.l. which cuts into the Kyrgyz Range which runs south of the city.

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