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February 9th, 2016 Sections: ianbek
100 Likes on Facebook

100 Likes on Facebook

I hit a milestone over the weekend … and decided that it worth commemorating … and I hope my readers will forgive the indulgence.

My ianbek Facebook page received its 100 Like!

So what?, you might well ask.  It’s no big deal.  After all, there are pages out there with thousands of followers … what’s 100?”

For example, on Instagram, Maxim has almost 50,000 followers – Well done!  … but that puts my 100 Facebook likes into sharper focus.

In fact, one of my other Facebook pages, Tourism in Kyrgyzstan, far outstrips the performance of ianbek … with 770 likes … and, or so it seems, new ones being added every day.  You might think I ought to be happy about that … but, actually, I find it quite galling.  You see, I very rarely add anything to Tourism in Kyrgyzstan … but, all the same, it regularly and systematically attracts followers.

Even some of my other pages do better … the Facebook page for the Tour Company, for example, has 274 likes,  The Silk Road Lodge has 184 … oh, and the page for The Naryn guesthouse has 86.

The page that I am disappointed about, however, is links.kg – which aims to gather together links to news stories, blog entries, video clips and so on, about travel to Kyrgyzstan …  a chance to feature what travelers and tourists say about their experiences here in Kyrgyzstan … offering a chance for the tourist to have their say.  This comes in with just 46 likes.

Anyway … I decided 100 Facebook Likes was worth marking because I had wondered if I was ever going to make it!

For several weeks I have sat on 99 Likes, … 99 Likes, … 99 Likes … so getting into triple figures actually did feel like “passing a milestone”.

Personally, however, I am not sure how I feel about Likes … I know that some people use them like votes in a popularity contest … people often ask me to “please like my page” … and, at least one company has recently used them in a pitch to get us to advertise with them.

Perhaps I am unusual but, as an individual Facebook user, I tend to click the Like button on a page when I am interested in what I see there … and would like to see further posts … and I would like to think that those 100 people who have clicked Like on my page have done so for similar reasons.

That’s one reason why I am not exactly happy with the Facebook policy of forwarding posts to only a fraction of a followers who have like a page – the proportion of followers who get to see an individual post depending on the fee paid to Facebook.

I do appreciate that they have to earn money – and this is just one of the revenue earners that they have at their disposal.  I am impressed, (and grateful), that so many of their services are free of charge … both to me as a user and to the company who wants to get a message out to the rest of the World.

I do get annoyed, however, when I a find that I have missed out on an interesting post … especially when I consider some of the ones that do get through the various filters that they operate.  Indeed, there are several pages I would like to see more of … but, because of the policy, I only get to see a few of their posts and so it is only when I actually click on one of those that got through to me … and that has caught my attention, and I go to the page itself, that I get to see all those posts that I missed out on.

Now, I haven’t checked all the 100 likes that ianbek has, but when Facebook writes to tell that so-and-so has liked the page, I seem to recognize most of the names – so I am fairly sure that they are ‘genuine’ followers, not like the stories that appear about likes coming from strange accounts  scattered around the world … accounts which look as if they have been set up simply to provide fans for pages that have paid one of the advertising agencies who promise … for a fee … an increase in followers.

I do know that the all important 100th Like came from a real person … ironically, it was one of our employees who only found ianbek because of Sunday’s post about the renovations at the Silk Road Lodge.  (I don’t think she she knew that the page existed before then … so maybe I ought to think about paying to get the word out.

When I happened to mention this to someone, they looked at me askance … as if to say, “you mean it’s not a requirement of working for you? … it’s not compulsory for all your employees to Like your page?”

No … it’s not.  If they happen to Like the page then I am delighted … but if they decide not to … well, that’s their business.

But, all the same, I did thank her … and bought her a bar of chocolate … after all … she was No 100!.


For the record: There have been other milestones … one statistical service I use tells me that I am getting an average of about 150 visits a day … and they really do seem to have come from all around the world.  Although a lot of those immediately move on, some hang around and look at two or three postcards.

On the other hand, another statistical service tells me that I get about 300 visitors a day, and they stay around on the site for longer … on average looking at about eight postcards each … although it would be nice to think that was the case, I have to admit that I find it a little hard to believe.






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