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There is an old adage that “there’s no such thing as bad news …” – but although publicists might argue the point strongly, not everyone would agree. Kyrgyzstan is not often in the news … and, most of the time, we (those of us working in tourism and eager to attract visitors to the country) […]

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People often ask me what I miss about England … sometimes followed by the suggestion: “Obviously not the weather”. I come across many misconceptions about Britain and, not surprisingly – given our obsession with the topic, many of them relate to our weather. Most people I have met here in Bishkek seem to be of […]

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One Christmas, when I was in the sixth form at school – that would be in about 1969 or 1970, the senior pupils decided to go Carol Singing – collecting money for charity. This time, instead of going ‘door-to-door’ in a particular district, or attempting a ‘pub crawl’, we decided it would be fun to pay a […]

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In his Bishkek Handbook, Daniel Prior tells a story about how a nomad shepherd came down from the jailoo to visit Frunze – as Bishkek was known then –  and was so taken with the magnificent sights in the Big City that when he returned home and described all that he had seen, heard and done […]

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Every now and again we see a review in the trade press of what guests look for when selecting a hotel. Price, of course, is a major criteria, and a potential deal maker or deal breaker … but they also look for other things – for example, location.  According to the estate agent, (realtor), this […]

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