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I was talking to the manager of a cafe the other day, who described one of her ‘regular clients’ … a contrary sort of character like someone one Alice might have met during her journeys in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass. “She’s never satisfied.”, I was told, “It doesn’t matter what we do, she finds […]

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The other day I was given a jar of Peanut Butter … (Arekivcovoye Maslo). “I know it’s not your loobeemiy Marmite,” (your favourite Marmite), I was told, “but I thought you might like it all the same.” Apparently, for many people Peanut Butter seems to be a bit like Marmite … in that “either you love […]

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I can’t say that I know that much about either Rihanna or Merle Haggard … apart from the fact that they are both – among other things – singers … and that, even though they represent different genres, they both have songs called “Where have you been?” in their repertoire. It’s a question that friends […]

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