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Sometimes, people jokingly tell me that after twenty one years here in Kyrgyzstan, I have become Kyrgyz … or at least half-Kyrgyz. After five years it is possible to apply for a residence permit – which I have done – or even for a Kyrgyz passport … but, as that involves giving up my British […]

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It was on July 13th, 1871, that the world’s first cat show was held in London’s Crystal Palace. Apparently, some sources say it was held on the 12th or , on the 16th, but contemproary press reports actually support the 13th. It also has to be admitted that some sources suggest that the very first […]

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When I first came to Kyrgyzstan, one of the things I noticed was the number of people eating ‘birdseed’. I admit … it seemed very strange. They would take a seed in their fingers … put it between their teeth … crack the husk and eat the kernel, spitting the husk out.  Some people took […]

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In the early days of the tour company, we used to give tourists advice to: Watch your step:  The pavements, (sidewalk or footpaths – depending on wether you speak American Englilsh or British English), tend to be uneven with unexpected dips and rises … and there may be potholes or missing manhole covers … so […]

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I was wondering why there had been a spate of reports in the media about the construction boom here in Kyrgyzstan – or, more specifically here in the capital, Bishkek. In theory, this is all controlled, regulated, supervised and monitored by the authorities – the local authorities, the state inspectorates.  There is a grand Master […]

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Over the weekend, I went up to Naryn … to visit the guesthouse and do some paperwork.  I had a list of things to do and questions to ask … and we hadn’t gone more than a couple of kilometers when a thought struck me. I sat up … and cried, “Stop the car!” I […]

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It probably won’t come as a surprise to people who know me but, back in my youth, when I was a student, I was a member of the college Debating Society.  I wasn’t that I was any good at it … I was more of a spectator than a participant, but I did enjoy the […]

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Today, a couple of my acquaintances are leaving Bishkek to go and live in Russian. In a way, I quite envy them because they are going to live in St. Petersburg which, (although I have never been there), I am told and understand to be a beautiful city. They are local, from Kyrgyzstan, and although they […]

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According to one calendar website, today is Fresh Veggies Day … and tomorrow Eat your Vegetables Day. There are virtually no additional details about where these days originated … who thought of them and why … apart from the suggestion that they were celebrated in the early summer “when the tastiest new-season vegetables start to become […]

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Because I have been here for over twenty years, people often ask me about the changes I have observed in that time. My answer usually starts with something like, “There have been lots of changes, and in many ways it was a different world,” and then concentrates on three examples: the number of vehicles on […]

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