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Every now and again we see a review in the trade press of what guests look for when selecting a hotel. Price, of course, is a major criteria, and a potential deal maker or deal breaker … but they also look for other things – for example, location.  According to the estate agent, (realtor), this […]

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A conversation with a colleague, the other day, brought to mind an old English idiom, proverb, adage: that Familiarity breeds contempt: … if you know someone very well, or experience something a lot, then you stop respecting them …    

Friday, July 22nd, 2016 at 06:00 Comments Off on Familiarity and contempt

The other day I cam across an interesting post by Akmaral Sabatar in The Asian. (The AsiaN is a multi-platform news service which aims to deliver articles giving the stories in the news from an Asian perspective … in English, Arabic, Chinese and Korean.) This particular article seemed to be a real cri de coeur – a […]

Saturday, June 4th, 2016 at 06:00 Comments Off on “How can you not know about Kyrgyzstan?”

There’s an interesting debate that goes on when it is proposed to erect a statue to some public figure … do they really deservethe honour?  Most people have their detractors, just as they have their supporters.  After all, as the old saying puts it … One Man’s Freedom Fighter Is Another Man’s Terrorist. It can be […]

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At the beginning of the month, Max decided to go up to Karakol.  He and some friends planned to trek up to Lake Ala Kul, one of his favourite spots in Kyrgyzstan. I did warn him that the passes might not actually be passable, (the pun doesn’t work in Russian), because the snow can still […]

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Ever since 2001, 25th May has been designated as Towel Day – in honour of Douglas Adams, the author of the classic cult story The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and the subsequent sequels. It was inspired by admiration as an opportunity for fans to demonstrate their appreciation for the books and their author … and not, unlike […]

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Over the weekend I met some friends for a cup of coffee … and, among other topics, at one point the conversation turned to topics featured as postcards here on ianbek. Now, the postcards tend to fall into a number of categories … reflecting, to be honest, my personal experiences, interests and preoccupations: Geography and History, […]

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Yesterday, to mark Stay up all night Night, I wrote a postcard about how I had to pull an all-nighter when I stood in for one of our receptionists who was ill. I also mentioned that today, the second Wednesday in May, is also designated as Third Shift Workers’ Day – a day set aside to remember […]

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People look for different things in a hotel … Location; Luxury; Facilities; and, of course, Price. There’s no getting away from it, Price is important … no one likes, for example, to feel that they have been overcharged … and that they have received value for money. Whilst the hotelier may well want to maximize their […]

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The other day, a sponsored post appeared in my Facebook news feed … from the Indy Group, which  is “an open marketplace and the biggest network for local guides, tour operators and homestays in Central Asia and Mongolia.” It consisted of a stunning photograph, (well, in my opinion it was a pretty good shot … […]

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