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In 1982, the International Dance Council declared April 29th as International Dance Day with the aim of attract the attention of a wider public to the art of Dance … (which can hardly be a great surprise, after all, they are the International Dance Council) … and it has been celebrated annually ever since. Getting international recognition […]

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The Komuz is a stringed instrument, which is often likened to a lute, a mandolin, and a banjo … but is made from a single piece of wood (apricot or juniper are the favoured timbers), and only has three strings.   It is a very old instrument – and is mentioned in Chinese Chronicles written over 2000 years ago. […]

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Last week we organized a concert by the musical group Jetigen for a group of tourists who were interested to see and hear a variety of musical instruments. Because it is the beginning of the academic year, Aizada, (the Director of the Music School in which the group is based), brought a group of older […]

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One of the best known legends of the Kyrgyz is about the hunter Kambar, the Komuz and the first Kyrgyz tune. Kambar was a hunter who lived in the mountains. He was, true to his calling, a brave and strong man – on one occasion encountering a snow leopard whilst on a hunting expedition and overcoming […]

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Although I learned French at school, I wouldn’t claim to be speak French.  I can read and the “get the gist” of a passage written in French and provided someone speaks slowly and uses a basic vocabulary, then I can follow a simple conversation, but I find it very difficult to think fast enough to […]

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The other day I picked up the newspaper and was thumbing through it to see if there was anything interesting, and was about to put it down again when I was pulled up sharp by an article on one of the inner pages. There was a photo of a young musician playing a choor – […]

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I was ten years old, and still at Primary School on January 1st, 1964, when the disc jockey Jimmy Saville presented the very first edition of the United Kingdom’s flagship programme reviewing the pop music charts, Top of the Pops, (TOTP).  To be honest, I can’t remember actually watching it, but I am sure that […]

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The Chopo Choor is one of the oldest of Kyrgyz traditional instruments.  Originally a children’s toy, (hence it is not difficult to play), it has developed into an instrument with a fine timbre and in the hands of a master can produce haunting melodies. Originally it was found mainly in the rural areas in the south of […]

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It is a very versatile instrument and can be played by either men or women, boys or girls – as a solo instrument, as part of an larger group, or as part of a larger folk group ensemble featuring other traditional instruments.  It is not unusual to see young children in the streets of Bishkek carrying a Komuz […]

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