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The other day I was given a jar of Peanut Butter … (Arekivcovoye Maslo). “I know it’s not your loobeemiy Marmite,” (your favourite Marmite), I was told, “but I thought you might like it all the same.” Apparently, for many people Peanut Butter seems to be a bit like Marmite … in that “either you love […]

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It was on 27th July, 1694, that the Bank of England was granted its Royal Charter. According to some sources, it’s the oldest National Bank in the world although there is a question about the Sveriges Riksbank, (in Sweden) which was founded in 1668 – which is the also the third oldest bank in the world […]

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Because I have been here for over twenty years, people often ask me about the changes I have observed in that time. My answer usually starts with something like, “There have been lots of changes, and in many ways it was a different world,” and then concentrates on three examples: the number of vehicles on […]

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Over the years there have been a number of comments made by influential people about the need to wean Kyrgyzstan away from a state of Dependency … relying on Foreign Aid, Humanitarian Assistance whether from International Donor Agencies and/or foreign governments. Over the years since Independence, the country has benefited greatly from assistance from abroad […]

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The IMF, (International Monetary Fund), have just issued their latest Country Report for the Kyrgyz Republic, (that is, Kyrgyzstan), prepared by a team of their staff members as a background paper for the regular consultation with the government. It costs USD18 for a copy but the text is freely available online in pdf format … which is […]

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The world’s numismatists were given a surprise Christmas Present last Friday, when Kyrgyzstan issued the latest in its series of commemorative coins. It’s a gold coin depicting one of the most majestic beasts to road this small country’s mountain ranges … the Snow Leopard, (Ak Ilbirs in Kyrgyz, or Uncia uncia in Latin). Although it […]

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The other day I was sent a link to a page on the Akchabar financial portal website. The Akchabar project is operated by the Public Fund, Internet Innovation.  It began in October 2013, as a service to provide consumers with access to financial information and improve financial literacy among the population. In fact, there have been […]

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Today is the Professional Holiday for workers in the Customs Service of the Kyrgyz Republic. The day was established in 2006 in order to create and ensure the continuity of traditions in the Customs Service and the date was chosen to commemorate the signing of the decree “On the formation of the State Customs Inspectorate […]

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On my dirst visit to Kyrgyzstan, back in 1994, I was taken up to Lake Issyk Kul where a group of us stayed in one of the large Sanatoria that the Soviets built on the northern shore.  There were five or six of us who planned to stay there for four or five days, but […]

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On Wednesday, all the news agencies [*] carried a story about an unwelcome visitor to Kyrgyzstan … an American, as it happens, but more of that later.  All the stories were basically the same … obviously based on the same Press Release or a statement made at a Press Conference.  I presume it was the latter, […]

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