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Apparently, … and, to be honest, I have absolutely no idea where this comes from … today is All or Nothing day. It seems that the idea is encourage people to: … break through the barriers that normally hold them back; … gird their loins, … taking it on the chin … ignore the fears and reservations … […]

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In the center of Bishkek there’s a great photo opportunity … along Kievskaya there is a MiG 21-F fighter plane mounted on a pedestal.   (I wrote a postcard about it a few years ago). It is one of a number of similar monuments around the country; such as planes – as here and outside Tokmok, […]

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Today is a special day for me … as I get to commemorate three of favourite themes … trivia, maths in several of its guises, and the calendar.  You see, today is 17th July … and that means it’s Yellow Pig Day. … and, yes, I can already hear the exasperated cries of What?! Actually, […]

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Whenever I am asked about the type of music that I like, I usually reply that my taste is pretty catholic … but that’s not a reference to religion, but to its more general definition as universal, all-embracing, including a wide variety or range of genres.  It tends to depend on what mood I am in […]

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I have never understood why, but the Americans write dates in the format day/month/year so the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, are universally known as 9/11 … and everyone understands what is being referred to. For Mathematicians this means that 14th March is often known as Pi Day, because the date is written as 3/14 and […]

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Essex Police, in the United Kingdom, were running a campaign against driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs … and chose a photograph of two police officers to help promote their message about the issues involved and the effects of this form of behaviour … but little did they realize what that would lead to […]

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Last week, I received an unusual invitation in my email … from the Indian embassy to an event that is being held today to mark International Yoga Day. Yoga Day, as it often referred to is celebrated annually on June 21 since it was adopted by  the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 2014. I was taken […]

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How time flies … it seems hard to credit that, although the year is not exactly half-over … that point comes on the 183rd day of the year – July 1st – but today, here in the Northern hemisphere it is already the Summer Solstice – the ‘longest day’ of the year. Actually, the date […]

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Today, the third Sunday in June, is the professional holiday of the Workers of Water Resources of Kyrgyzstan, or Kyrgyzstandyn Suu charba kyzmatkerlerinin kunu. The Kyrgyz Republic has considerable water resources.  more than 3,000 rivers and streams, in the country, which comprise seven major basins – those of the Syr Darya, Amu Darya, Chui, Talas, Ili, and Tarim […]

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Yesterday, Sunday 12th June, was Superman Day. Although I am a ‘comic fan’, who grew up on a diet of Superman and Batman, I chose not mark it – because it is was basically a one-off marketing ploy … DC designated 12th June as Man of Steel Day in 2013 – as part of their promotion […]

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