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As the capital city, Bishkek is home to a variety of important buildings and monuments. There are, of course, dovernment buildings such as: Ministries, Offices of Government Agencies such as the Tax Inspection and the Customs Service and the Parliament … Courts, Police Stations and the Headquarters of the Border and Security Services … Ambulance […]

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When people buy their air tickets, they check the details: Name, Route, (Departure point and Destination), Date, Time … probably the flight number … but possibly not much else.  The ticket actually contains a lot more information as this graphic from UtAir, (a Russian airline) shows: The Departure and Destination Points, (and also any intermediary […]

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About a year ago I was invited by Victor Kadyrov, the General Director of the Rarity Book Shop in Dom Druzhba – Friendship House – at the side of the main Ala Too Square to visit the shop. I think it’s the largest bookshop on Bishkek, (I don’t know the actual figures), but it could […]

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  One of the things about Kyrgyzstan that tourists sometimes comment on is the prevalence of Saunas – or Banya as they are known in Russian and Moncho in Kyrgyz. A Sauna is room or building designed to be used as a “bath house” using hot air or steam so that people can experience the […]

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Ilya is not exactly a common name in Britain … although, since I have been here I have met a number of people that bear that name. It’s a Slavic name – a form of the Biblical name Elijah – and, apparently, also a Kurdish name which means “Great and Glorious”, (which will please the […]

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When I first came here, back in the mid 1990s, very little was known back in the West about Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek. I often tell the story about a phone call that I received from my mother, a few weeks before my eventual departure.  She asked me,  “Where did you say you are going?”  “Bishkek, […]

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The office will be very quiet this morning … as I will b in the hotel and a number of the staff are of to Church.  Yes, I know it is not Sunday … but November 4th is quite a big day in the Orthodox Calendar; it’s the feast of Our Lady of Kazan. They […]

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It’s one of the disappointing aspects of Kyrgyzstan that with so much history, very little actually remains intact.  There is plenty for archaeologists to explore but, unfortunately, little is evident above ground.  

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There are several ways of getting to Bishkek, but the most common is to fly into Manas Airport. One of the problems with this timetable is that most long haul flights arrive in the early hours of the morning, after an overnight flight.  In the summer, when the sun rises that much earlier in the […]

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On 7th October, 1974, Bishkek got a new monument – a statue of Toktogul Satyganov. It wasn’t the first monument dedicated to the people’s poet, who in 1933 – one had been planned in 1939, just six years after his death.  The sculptor Olga Manoluva was invited to create a monument and she designed a […]

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