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Maxim, (when he’s not taking photographs), is studying Tourism … I have no idea why – he chose the course himself without me trying to exercise any influence whatsoever … and even if I had offered some advice, he would have listened and said “Thank you”, but would have still decided for himself. For one […]

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Every Day is a special day for someone … and the church has a special calendar of Saints’ Days … each associated with some important event in the Saint’s life.  Of course, there are a lot more than 365 saints … so most days have many more than just one Saint associated with them. In […]

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Today is a public holiday here in Kyrgyzstan – May Day or International Workers’ Day.   It is also Easter … here in Kyrgyzstan … although, back home, it was some six weeks ago, on 27th March. The differences in the dates arises from the fact that the date of Easter is determined by a […]

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In December 1936, a new cartoon film hit the cinemas with a in time for the Holiday season: Christmas comes but once a year.    The eight minute short was released by Paramount Pictures, and was one of thirty six cartoons in the Color Classics series produced by Fleischer Studios between 1934 and 1941. This particular […]

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There is a saying that “to err is human; to forgive divine“. It come’s from Alexander Pope’s lengthy poem An Essay of Criticism, written in 1709, (which is also the source of several other epithets, such as: “a little learning is a dangerous thing” and “fools rush in where angels fear to tread”). It is […]

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  Today, it’s New Year once again in Kyrgyzstan – that is, for the faithful … at least for those belonging to the Orthodox Church.

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It’s Freethinker’s Day today, which is also known as Thomas Paine Day! The day has been commemorated  since the 1990s when the Thomas Paine Foundation began celebrating his birthday and, at about the same time, the ‘Truthseeker’ magazine began celebrating Freethinkers Day on the same day.  Its purpose is to educate people about Paine’s work and the importance […]

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Today happens to be a big day for the Orthodox Christians here in Kyrgyzstan. According to the Orthodox calendar, November 26th is the saint’s day for St. John Chrysostom, and special services will be conducted especially in the Cathedral of the Holy Resurrection here in Bishkek.

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Bishop Theodosius of Bishkek and the Kyrgyz has moved on and Bishop Daniel is about to move in as his replacement. The transition of leadership of the Russian Orthodox community here in Bishkek and the Kyrgyz Republic has not been without controversy … it hasn’t exactly been a smooth transition.

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Tomorrow is Christmas Day here in Kyrgyzstan … Orthodox Christmas, that is. Back home, in the West, Christmas is more or less over. I say “more or less” because, technically, traditionally, the Christmas season ends today – The Twelfth Day of Christmas … Epiphany – the “manifestation” of Jesus as the Son of God and […]

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