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I always tell people, (for example: the pupils when I was a schoolteacher, the kids, and even our staff), that if they make a mistake then it is far better to own up to it than to pretend it didn’t happen, even if it means that they will get into trouble … because when it […]

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Since 2005, December 15th has been marked in several Tea producing countries as International Tea Day. The idea of holding such a day came out of the World Social Forum held in Mumbai in 2004, and the idea was taken up and developed by Trade Union organizations. Although one of the aims of the day […]

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The other day, I had a visitor – the mother of an old friend.  After we had spent some time in small talk, chatting about this and that, and just as she was about to take her leave she mentioned the reason for her visit. “Ian, do you remember those marinoveni eggs”, (pickled eggs),  ” […]

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It is often said that the Kyrgyz traditionally ate every part of an animal … and knowing that that the eyes of a sheep are given as a sign of respect to honoured guests, I can believe it. Djorgom is a traditional Kyrgyz dish which remains popular today – indeed it is sometimes called the […]

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Bread is a basic food and there are many different forms …  from Leypioshka – the traditional flat breads, soldatski – a tin load, rezheniy – a black bread … down to the modern synonym for technological advancement – slices bread. Here is a selection of dough that are often encountered as accompaniments to meals here […]

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One of the most popular meals during the summer is Shashlik – which is the Russian name for a type of Shish Kebab – pieces of meat on a skewer  … indeed that’s what shish means in Turkish – skewer.  Kebab on the other hand refers to meat that is cooked over or next to […]

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One of the fist Russian dishes I was served when I first came here back in the mid-90’s was a dish of Solyanka. This is a soup – which may be either Russian or Ukrainian in origin … no-one seems to know for sure – that is very popular throughout Russia and other former Soviet […]

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We get some very strange questions from time to time … and one in particular sticks in my mind: “Can we get Pot Noodles in Bishkek?” For the record: Pot Noodle is a propriety brand of instant noodle – a snack food – available introduced into Britain by Golden Wonder in 1977.  They are available in a […]

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Tonight is known in Mexico as the Night of the Radishes. The festivities associated with this event have been celebrated since 1897 in the main square of the city of Oaxaca and is usually attended by several thousand people. and has been described as one of the impressive Vegetable Festivals around the world. Craftsmen carve […]

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Some people often express surprise when I mention that I have cooked a meal … “You cook?!”, they exclaim.  I am not sure what they think I do when it comes to feeding myself.  I suppose it is true that, there are times when I do go “out to dinner” more than I eat at home […]

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