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I was talking to the manager of a cafe the other day, who described one of her ‘regular clients’ … a contrary sort of character like someone one Alice might have met during her journeys in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass. “She’s never satisfied.”, I was told, “It doesn’t matter what we do, she finds […]

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The other day I was given a jar of Peanut Butter … (Arekivcovoye Maslo). “I know it’s not your loobeemiy Marmite,” (your favourite Marmite), I was told, “but I thought you might like it all the same.” Apparently, for many people Peanut Butter seems to be a bit like Marmite … in that “either you love […]

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When I first came to Kyrgyzstan, one of the things I noticed was the number of people eating ‘birdseed’. I admit … it seemed very strange. They would take a seed in their fingers … put it between their teeth … crack the husk and eat the kernel, spitting the husk out.  Some people took […]

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The other day I was talking with a guide whp had just returned from a tour, and I asked how it had gone. “Oh, O.K.,” came the reply, but I don;t know why I bothered to take a course to become a quaslified guid – they weren;t interested in the history, the folklore or anything […]

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According to one calendar website, today is Fresh Veggies Day … and tomorrow Eat your Vegetables Day. There are virtually no additional details about where these days originated … who thought of them and why … apart from the suggestion that they were celebrated in the early summer “when the tastiest new-season vegetables start to become […]

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The other day, a friend, (who happens to know that I have a penchant for spicy foods), asked me how I coped without my daily fix of Marmite,  a spread made from yeast extract which is a byproduct of brewing beer.  To be fair, it is more salty than spicy … and is definitely an […]

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One of the questions I am often asked concerns what I miss and my answer usually goes something like: “Well, I can’t get Marmite here.” That usually elicits a bemused look and a question: “Marmite?” When they hear the answer, (that it’s a food spread made from a yeast extract and a by product from […]

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Scotland has Haggis, Northern England has Black Pudding and Cornwall has Pasties … Southern Kyrgyzstan had Plov and Karakol … Karakol has Ashlan Fu. Ashlan Foo is just as much at home on the menu in cafes and restaurants as it as at street and market food stalls … it is to be found on […]

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The other day I was doing some research for one of our other sites: Normally we are looking for ethnic dishes – Kyrgyz traditional cuisine, Uzbek, Uighur … that sort of thing – but Kyrgyzstan, (and Bishkek in particular), offers a wide variety of dishes. As it happens, I was looking for vegetarian dishes, […]

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When I first arrived to Kyrgyzstan, almost twenty years agi, I was often asked about the differences I noticed between Britain and Kyrgyzstan.   What people were most interested in was the “big” differences … at that time, they had an impression of life in the West but that had been augmented by an influx […]

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