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I was somewhat taken aback the other day when I came home day to find Andy and some friends squating on the lfoor playing Nardi – Backgammon. What’s more, they talked about wanting to play Chess. Maxim is very fond of cards – but mainly the Russian game of Durak – Fool – a game I […]

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Today, a couple of my acquaintances are leaving Bishkek to go and live in Russian. In a way, I quite envy them because they are going to live in St. Petersburg which, (although I have never been there), I am told and understand to be a beautiful city. They are local, from Kyrgyzstan, and although they […]

Friday, July 1st, 2016 at 06:00 Comments Off on Keeping in touch

Humour is a very funny thing (pun intended!) Visual humour … such as the Mr. Bean (or, dare I say it, Benny Hill) brand of slapstick humour is recognizable, understandable and popular all over the world … but a lot of humour relies on language and, as such, “does not travel well”.  It can be very difficult […]

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Social Media has been alive with the news all week … Google’s Street View has arrived in Kyrgyzstan! You have to give them credit … Google have shown a fair amount of interest in Kyrgyzstan, at one time considering opening an office here.  They have a Kyrgyz search engine, Kyrgyz translates works with Kyrgyz (although […]

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I got called to the reception desk in the hotel … there was a problem. The receptionist had been away for a couple of weeks, taking a well deserved holiday, and it was her first day back at work.  There were a number of routine tasks to attend to and everything was ‘going swimmingly’ – […]

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In many ways, Sporcle ought to be one of my favourite sites … being a fan of trivia Sporcle is is a website that features a variety of trivia quizzes where users have a set time limit to answer the set question such as name all the Presidents of the United States or the countries in Europe. […]

Friday, April 8th, 2016 at 06:00 Comments Off on Can you name the Top 30 Cities of Kyrgyzstan ?

I learned a new acronym the other day: FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out. It was in a promo for yet another social media outlet – Snapchat. Snapchat is a video messaging application created by entrepreneurs when they were students at Stanford University.

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Tuesday started as a normal Spring day … we should have known it wouldn’t last! It is often said that, in Kyrgyzstan it is possible to experienced all four seasons in the space of twenty four hours … and although we didn’t really experience anything resembling Summer during that particular 24 hours, we came pretty […]

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OK … although I do have a mobile phone, it is one of the older models which is basically a communications device – which can be used for telephone conversations and sending short text messages.  (It does have a built in camera – but it is not particularly good.) I don’t have a smart phone […]

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Like everyone else, I suppose, one of the first things I do each day, is check the mail. These days, that involves turning the computer on and loading the email program – for example Microsoft’s Outlook. We all like to get mail … news from friends and relatives; requests and orders from clients; answers to […]

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