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I got a bit of a surprise the other day when I received a link to a news item: Rating deductions – The “Jannat” hotel chain pays less to the budget than the hotel “Dostuk”. The article was published on the well known and respected Tazarbek site of the AkiPress news agency, which specializes in business news […]

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The burning question of the day usually comes at about seven o’clock in the evening, when I get home from the hotel: “What are we going to eat?” We have a problem because, well, everyone has different tastes … if I suggest spaghetti, Maxim may well reject that option  and announce that he wants to […]

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As a ‘foreigner’ in a ‘foreign land’, especially one involved in tourism, I find that conversations often turn to questions of passports and visas … and, over the weekend I came across an interesting statistic – and, as is usual, I found myself asking questions about how reliable it was. Being a former teach of […]

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This time last year, I wrote a postcard introducing an annual number puzzle and thought I would pose it once again this year:

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There’s something special about the the number forty – although, as a Brit, I should say fourty. It’s a composite number – which basically means that it is not a Prime number, (that it has more than two factors – 1 and itself). It’s a semiperfect number, which means that it is possible to get […]

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As a teacher of Computing and Information Technology, I used to set an exercise based on the Premier Division of the Football League. The school was located in North London, and the nearest teams were Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, both of which attracted supporters from among the pupils.  There were a number of of other […]

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Some time ago, I walked into the hotel and found the place remarkably quiet.  There’s nothing unusual about that in itself; ours is a small hotel and unless we are full with a conference also in progress it is usually quiet … But this was unusually quiet.  Everyone was engrossed, bent over bits of paper […]

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Yesterday, I came across a new statistic … new to me, that is … (P2P – Payroll to Population) … and it got me thinking. The statistic is one of the metrics collected and reported by the Gallup – a Market Research organization that conducts surveys and polls in over 160 countries worldwide.  They seem […]

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As a teacher of Mathematics, (many years ago),  I used a number of techniques to engage the children’s interest in the subject: games, puzzles and quizzes;  mnemonics, stories and jokes; drawings, paintings and models; video and computer animation … but I don’t think is ever used poetry. The idea was simple … we are all […]

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Spoiler alert: This postcard has (virtually) nothing to do with Kyrgyzstan … but, please, don’t let that stop you reading further. I am not very keen on games … at least not the sort of computer games that involve in the player “zapping” an opponent. Although I am happy to try my hand at one […]

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