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One of the stangest days in my life was the day I ended up in Tirana, the capital of Albania. The country was just opening up to Western visitors and the trip wasn’t exactly planned in advance.  I was actually on holiday with some friends in Montenegro, (in what remained of Yugoslavia), when we saw a […]

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Humour is a very funny thing (pun intended!) Visual humour … such as the Mr. Bean (or, dare I say it, Benny Hill) brand of slapstick humour is recognizable, understandable and popular all over the world … but a lot of humour relies on language and, as such, “does not travel well”.  It can be very difficult […]

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The other day I got a link in my Facebook feed which open a whole can of worms … I was somewhat taken aback … it caught me unawares and gave me food for thought. It was to an article in the British newspaper, The Guardian: Why are white people expats when the rest of […]

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Every Day is a special day for someone … and the church has a special calendar of Saints’ Days … each associated with some important event in the Saint’s life.  Of course, there are a lot more than 365 saints … so most days have many more than just one Saint associated with them. In […]

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The other day I came across an interesting article, (in Russian – it’s written for Russian speakers), about common mistakes made by native Russian speakers when they try to speak in English; things like: How do you call this in English? instead of What do you call this in English? Do you speak Russian language? […]

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I have trying to persuade the kids to follow a particular page: Ya Izuchaiyou angliskiy online, (I learn English on-line). They post a wide variety things – stories and jokes, cartoons and word lists, list of different ways in which a word or phrase can be used, such as ‘to run’; lists of phrases used […]

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Maxim is currently studying Tourism in one of Bishkek’s Higher Education Institutes, and the other day he was working on an assignment and started asking me questions like:what is a tour? and what is a tour operator? I am fairly sure that he knows the answer, but instead of trying the Socratic Method and drawing […]

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“You only get one chance to make a first impression!” … and it’s obviously important that you want to make a Good first impression … isn’t it? It takes just a few seconds for someone to form an opinion – for good … or bad.    It sets the tone … and that can affect […]

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Among the various newsletters, links and so forth that I regularly receive, there are a number about learning English … I know that some people may think that I need them to improve my English, but the reason that I I am interested in them is that a lot of people turn to me as […]

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I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue, (ISIHAC to its aficionados), is a radio panel game that bills itself as ‘The antidote to panel games’ because it is really a parody.  The chairman gives the four contestants “silly things to do” and the audience sit back and relish in the wit of verbal slapstick that the […]

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