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It’s a tradition in most societies, that students find some form of employment to help earn some money – to cover living expenses … and also help cover the cost of fees if they don’t qualify for state support and a grant. For example, as a student I worked as a Barman during the holidays […]

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When asked certain types of questions, my usual response is “I don’t do politics” … or … “Sorry, but that’s between me and the ballot box” … however, I suppose that the events of the last week – and today’s anniversary – are such that it is difficult to escape or evade some sort of […]

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Today, 5th May, is a public holiday here in Kyrgyzstan: Constitution Day. A constitution is the supreme legal instrument of the republic and fixes the basic principles and norms of legal regulation of major public affairs, creating a legal basis for acceptance of laws and other legislation. It  is a holiday to honor the adoption of […]

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Over the years there have been a number of comments made by influential people about the need to wean Kyrgyzstan away from a state of Dependency … relying on Foreign Aid, Humanitarian Assistance whether from International Donor Agencies and/or foreign governments. Over the years since Independence, the country has benefited greatly from assistance from abroad […]

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In the US, March 3rd is known as National Anthem Day … a day for celebrating the patriotic music that is thought to represent the history, traditions and struggles of a nation, as recognized either officially by its government as the official national song … or by convention, through use by the people. In Britain, […]

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Little did I know last week, when I prepared last Saturday’s postcard, An After Dinner Question …, how timely it would turn out to be … In it, I described how, having given an after dinner speech about Tourism in Kyrgyzstan, one of the audience had posed the question: Which tourists spend the most money? … and how […]

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Although there had been taxis plying the streets in the Soviet period, (even operating with proper meters), they had more or less disappeared in the early days after Independence and, for a time at least, almost any vehicle served as a taxi.  It was some years before recognizable taxis reappeared. In fact, when I first arrived […]

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According to the Doomsday Clock, mankind is just three minutes away from annihilation … fortunately it is not a “real” clock and doesn’t measure “real time”. Actually, there is a clock – or, at least, a clock face – in the University of Chicago, in the offices of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. The […]

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In his budget in 1798, William Pitt the Younger announced a new tax which was introduced into force on 9th January the following year: Income Tax.  The new tax was needed to finance the war against the French forces under Napoleon, that were threatening an invasion – and had already landed briefly in both Wales […]

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In his story The Prince and the Pauper, Mark Twain makes great play of the Great Seal of England – a seal that is used to symbolize the royal approval of important state documents. At a crucial point in the narrative – the seal has disappeared … Tom Canty, (the pauper of the title), unaware […]

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