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Tonight is known in Mexico as the Night of the Radishes. The festivities associated with this event have been celebrated since 1897 in the main square of the city of Oaxaca and is usually attended by several thousand people. and has been described as one of the impressive Vegetable Festivals around the world. Craftsmen carve […]

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The other day I was walking through Gorky Park on my way from my to the hotel, when I got a distinct feeling of dejá vu.  For a split second, I felt as if I was back in the UK. The weather cool and the skies were a little overcast – well, I suppose that […]

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A week ago I was driving back from Naryn and as we drove through Kochkor, there were sacks of potatoes stacked by the roadside.  We stopped and had a look.  The potatoes had just been dug out from the ground, and the they were a good size and shape.  We asked how much and for […]

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It was Roma’s birthday, so a group of his friends gathered to go and commemorate it … but it wasn’t exactly a happy gathering.  Roma was just 31 when he died on a cold January night, three and a half years ago … We settled down in the car and set off for the cemetery, […]

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Its always good to see new life blossoming … which was why a photograph from Kate Sampsell-Willmann on Facebook caught my eye earlier this week. It wasn’t a photo of an infant in swaddling clothes, nor of a cuddly kitten or a gamboling lamb … but of an acorn that had fallen to the ground […]

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In the grounds of the Silk Road Lodge we have a large number fir trees – Some of them were already in situ when we built the hotel but some we have planted ourselves.  Of those, some have taken well and are flourishing, others not so well, although there are signs that they are improving, […]

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The other day I was talking to the owner of one of the local bookshops and in the course of the conversation I happened to mention that I was looking for a book on Kyrgyz legends.  He called me the next day and said that he had checked and that they had one in stock. […]

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Back in 1994, on my first visit to Kyrgyzstan, I was taken up to Lake Issyk Kul and we spent some time in one of the Sanatoria that are located on the Northern shore.  One day, we took a car for a trip up to Semyenovka valley and stopped by the side of the road […]

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One of the main sites around Bishkek that is featured in many of the “Must do … must see …” of essentials for  visitors to Bishkek is a trip to the Ala Archa National Park, less than an hours’s drive from the Bishkek city center tourists.  An alpine valley with spectacular scenery, home to a variety […]

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This weekend, (well, today and tomorrow), down in the village of Samarkandek in the Batken oblast, there is an Apricot festival.  It was almost enough to tempt me to take a few days off to go and visit a part of Kyrgyzstan that I don’t know very well. As well celebrating the Apricot, (a fruit […]

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