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The Kyrgyz poet Turar Kejemberdıev was born on 22nd June, 1941, (seventy five years ago … the day that Hitler launched Operation Barbarosa – the Invasion of the Soviet Union), in the village of Sary Bulak in the Kallinin region of the Chui oblast – which is now called Jayil. His first published verse appeared […]

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There’s an interesting debate that goes on when it is proposed to erect a statue to some public figure … do they really deservethe honour?  Most people have their detractors, just as they have their supporters.  After all, as the old saying puts it … One Man’s Freedom Fighter Is Another Man’s Terrorist. It can be […]

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The Eurovision Song Contest has always struck me as a very strange phenomenon … I can’t help wondering if songs are suitable subjects for such competition …just what is the basis for a judgement … the music, the lyrics, the performance, the staging, language, nationality, political influences, popularity … they all seem to be involved. As […]

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On 5th April, 1934, in the village of Don Aryk in the Chui oblast, (near the Burana Tower outside Tokmok, about 60 kilometers from the capital of Bishkek), Sagynbek Ishenov was born. His name may not be instantly recognizable … but he is known as the father of Kyrgyz animation.

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Although, I am not an avid sports fan, over the last few days, I have been a little distracted – thanks to the traditional sport of Alysh. Normally, I might have scanned the sporting headlines for news about: the games being played out in the US Presidential Election Race, () Chelsea’s less than outstanding performance back […]

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On 11th March, 1914, (although it was still the 26th February according to the Julian Calendar in use throughout Russia at that time), at the age of 87, Pyotr Semenov Tianshanski passed away in St. Petersburg from pneumonia. He is famous for a number of things – but the epithet Tianshanky, (which Tsar Nicholas II […]

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March 6th, 1958 … and the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic, (one of the 15 constituent republics of the USSR), got itself a new Prime Minister – although he wasn’t actually called that, rather he carried the title, Chairman of the Council of Ministers. The man who assumed the post on that occasion was Kazy Dikambaevich Dikambaev. […]

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To say that someone is in for the High Jump is an idiom in English which means that they going to be severely punished or reprimanded for something they have done wrong … apparently it was a reference to the ‘long drop’ from the gallows. As such, it has nothing to do with the sporting […]

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Today is International Workers Day – commonly associated with the Labour,  movement but complete with links back to Spring festivities in Pagan Europe – which was one of the main holidays during the Soviet period. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, however, the holiday has not been so prominently celebrated.  This year, in particular, overshadowing […]

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Sabyrbek Akylbekov was one of the first generation of professional Kyrgyz artists … and one of the founder members of the Union of Artists when it was founded in 1934. He was born on 15th February, 1914, (some sources say the 14th), in the village of Kum Aryk in the Kalinin district of the Naryn […]

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