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The other day I was given a jar of Peanut Butter … (Arekivcovoye Maslo). “I know it’s not your loobeemiy Marmite,” (your favourite Marmite), I was told, “but I thought you might like it all the same.” Apparently, for many people Peanut Butter seems to be a bit like Marmite … in that “either you love […]

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It was on 27th July, 1694, that the Bank of England was granted its Royal Charter. According to some sources, it’s the oldest National Bank in the world although there is a question about the Sveriges Riksbank, (in Sweden) which was founded in 1668 – which is the also the third oldest bank in the world […]

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In the center of Bishkek there’s a great photo opportunity … along Kievskaya there is a MiG 21-F fighter plane mounted on a pedestal.   (I wrote a postcard about it a few years ago). It is one of a number of similar monuments around the country; such as planes – as here and outside Tokmok, […]

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It’s a tradition in most societies, that students find some form of employment to help earn some money – to cover living expenses … and also help cover the cost of fees if they don’t qualify for state support and a grant. For example, as a student I worked as a Barman during the holidays […]

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I was wondering why there had been a spate of reports in the media about the construction boom here in Kyrgyzstan – or, more specifically here in the capital, Bishkek. In theory, this is all controlled, regulated, supervised and monitored by the authorities – the local authorities, the state inspectorates.  There is a grand Master […]

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It probably won’t come as a surprise to people who know me but, back in my youth, when I was a student, I was a member of the college Debating Society.  I wasn’t that I was any good at it … I was more of a spectator than a participant, but I did enjoy the […]

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A couple of ‘shorts’ caught my eye this week as I was looking through the latest issue of Obshestenniy Reiting – Public Raiting – one of Bishkek’s leading newspapers … which is definitely a Broadsheet and not a Tabloid – despite the fact that it’s Tabloid-sized. Published weekly, it’s one of the ‘heavyweight’ newspapers with […]

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When asked certain types of questions, my usual response is “I don’t do politics” … or … “Sorry, but that’s between me and the ballot box” … however, I suppose that the events of the last week – and today’s anniversary – are such that it is difficult to escape or evade some sort of […]

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The last Sunday of June is another one of those ‘professional holidays’ here in Kyrgyzstan … it’s Lawyers’ Day – Kyrgyzstandyn Yurist Kunu. It has been ever since the day was established by Government Decree back in 1993, and, (as is usual on these occasions), the day is seen as a tiome to focus on and […]

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The Kyrgyz poet Turar Kejemberdıev was born on 22nd June, 1941, (seventy five years ago … the day that Hitler launched Operation Barbarosa – the Invasion of the Soviet Union), in the village of Sary Bulak in the Kallinin region of the Chui oblast – which is now called Jayil. His first published verse appeared […]

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