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The other day I was given a jar of Peanut Butter … (Arekivcovoye Maslo). “I know it’s not your loobeemiy Marmite,” (your favourite Marmite), I was told, “but I thought you might like it all the same.” Apparently, for many people Peanut Butter seems to be a bit like Marmite … in that “either you love […]

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According to one calendar website, today is Fresh Veggies Day … and tomorrow Eat your Vegetables Day. There are virtually no additional details about where these days originated … who thought of them and why … apart from the suggestion that they were celebrated in the early summer “when the tastiest new-season vegetables start to become […]

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Who would have thought it? … that a tree could get sunburn – although, technically, it’s actually called sun scald. I discovered this because , here in Bishkek, we’ve been hosting the Summit of the Heads of Government of the CIS countries, (the Commonwealth of Independent States, the successor organization uniting most of the former republics […]

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It was on this day in 1329 that one of the iconic characters of Scottish history died – King Robert the First … more commonly known as Robert the Bruce. A fearsome warrior he took part in the revolt against their English overlords by William Wallace (of Braveheart fame) … and was later, after he […]

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Every year, on 5th June, The United Nations Environment Program administers events around the globe to commemorate World Environment Day – WED – a day established as long ago as 1972 “to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet Earth“.

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Back in March, a group of youngsters from the village of Otradnoe – in the Ak Suu region of Issyk Kul oblast, about 25 kilometers to the South West of Karakol – made an interesting discovery. In the cliffs above the river Jergalan, (about 25 to 30 meters away from where they stood), they could see […]

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Achuu Piyaz, (Chesnok in Russian, Allium sativum in Latin and Garlic in English),  has been a highly prized crop for it medicinal and nutritional qualities since ancient times – it is thought that it has been cultivated for something like seven thousand years according to some sources – but just four thousand according to others. It’s […]

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For some people, today is a special day … it’s World rat day … Vsyemirniy Dehn Krysy in Russian or Duino Klelmish Kun in Kyrgyz. It may seem surprising that there is a dedicated to this animal – after all rats have a bad reputation … as dirty, (which they aren’t … and James Cagney never […]

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It used to be said that Bishkek was the “Greenest city on Earth” with its parks, tree lined boulevards, open spaces between the apartment blocks … and even in the garden at our hotel in Bishkek, the Silk Road Lodge, we have over 50 trees of different types, sizes and age. This was largely due to […]

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The internet is full of pages, photos and videos of cats and dogs … most of them looking ‘cute and cuddly’ or doing ‘adorably cute’ things.  I admit, of course, that I have added to that with stories of my cats … and a couple of years ago, I wrote a postcard about Felis Kyrgyzstanus – […]

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